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The Q Continuum


Q came to live with us the evening before Thanksgiving, 2003.  She was born on August 11, 2003, had been with a person who couldn't keep her any longer, and was in need of immediate foster care.  My previous dog, Sable, had died in June, 2003, and our other dog, Nikki, had just died on November 21.  The house seemed so empty without a dog after Nikki was gone;  I was planning to start looking for a puppy by mid-December. 

Q is a mixed-breed terrier, with a Rat terrier mom and a father who is half Yorkie and half Shih-Tsu.  Sable was a black Lab, and I have thought of myself as a big dog person, until now.  Q weighed a whopping 7.8 pounds at 15 weeks, and now is 15 points full grown. She has the body and athleticism of a big dog in a very small dog package!  It was love at first sight.

Star Trek fans will recognize the reference of the name I gave her; she is a great trickster and seems to have the ability to appear, disappear, and reappear far away instantly.  Fate sometimes takes charge of things like this, and so the Q Continuum began, and foster care quickly turned into a permanent relationship.


Curious Q - 15 weeks




Q posing for a photo with her new tennis ball - 15 weeks

Q in her day bed in my office - 6 months


Q seems to love the camera! (6 months)


Ready for Adventure!  (1 year)

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