Nikki's Page

(8/1990 - 11/21/2003)



Nikki came to live with us in August, 1991.  Lo adopted her from the St. Paul Humane Society when Nikki was about one year old.  She'd had a very tough first year, having been chained in a backyard without shelter for 6 months before she was brought to the Humane Society.  She was a wonderful, affectionate dog with an amazingly loving disposition, considering the abuse that she endured during her first year.  She was fleet of feet and had a great love of the chase, whether it was rabbits, birds, squirrels - - or snow shovels!  Nikki soon formed a strong bond with Sable, the alpha dog in the house, who was about eight months older than Nikki.  They lived the rest of their lives together as best friends and constant companions.  When Sable died on June 6, 2003, it was as though Nikki's heart was broken.  She was never really the same after Sable was gone, and Nikki came to her own end on November 21, 2003, just over 5 months after Sable's death.  Nikki gave us all much joy and love, and will always be in our hearts.



Nikki in Bed


Nikki in the Kitchen


Sable and Nikki on the Deck


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