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(1989 - 2003)

My beloved dog, Sable, was born in November, 1989, and lived with me from the time when she was about 8 weeks old until she reached the end on June 6, 2003.  Sable was a great dog.  She became my best-ever dog friend, protecting and playing equally well. She lived a good life, faced all of her challenges with courage and tenacity, and died bravely.  She taught me much about living, aging, and, finally, about accepting the inevitable end of life gracefully. She will live on in my memory for as long as time and memory endure. What more can one ask of living?


Sable at about 9 weeks.


Sable as a big dog.


Sable at 10, older and wiser



Sable, still with a tennis ball, at age 13.5. 



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